Gloucester’s Historic Buildings

Gloucester gained third place in top heritage cities 2014

National Heritage Weekends have been encouraging visitors to make the most of the heritage on our doorsteps. There were over three million visitors to 4,695 sites or events countrywide in 2014. Of the places with the most sites or events open to the public, Gloucester came third.

Apart from the Cathedral, Docks, Priories, Friaries and museums, there are many other places of interest, lookout for;

  • 26 Westgate – one of the finest timber framed town houses of its kind
  • Bishop Hooper’s House – C16th, pin factory, last stop for Bishop Hooper before his burning
  • Baker’s Clock – Charming chiming clock, Father Time & four figures of Britain
  • The Bell Inn – C17th, birthplace of George Whitefield, mentioned in ‘Tom Jones
  • Robert Raikes House – C16th timber framed residence of Robert Raikes
  • Tailor of Gloucester – This shop and other places in the city used by Beartrix Potter in her Tales
  • Bishop’s Palace – one of many fine residences that surround the Cathedral
  • St Mary de Crypt – George Whitefield Robert Raikes John Biddle are associated here
  • St Mary de Lode – Site of 1st Christian church, and Roman mosaic floor.
  • Eastgate Chamber – Roman remains, Medieval horse pit and remains of wall and gate
  • The New Inn – C15th, country’s largest Inn when built, many famous patrons
  • College Green –  the outer court of the Abbey in monastic times with fine buildings
  • Maverdine Lane – narrow alley with view of 26 Westgate,
  • The Infirmary Arches  once a church like hall where sick monks ere cared for
  • The Fleece Inn – one of the ‘three great Inns’ has the best Undercroft in N Europe