Gloucester Royal Hospital

The Edward Hotel backs onto the grounds of the Gloucester Royal Hospital. There are two entrances to the main part of the hospital. The A&E, Out of Hours and Maternity departments have separate entrances as does the Children’s Department.

The closest entrance from The Edward Hotel is the Gloucester Royal is the London Road entrance; it is about 200 paces from the hotel car park. Turn right out of the hotel car, left into Hyde lane then cross the service road and go straight on between the gap in the buildings. Once through the sliding doors take an almost immediate right through the double doors. This leads directly to the main reception. This entrance is open most of the day but does close in the evening after which you need to use the main entrance.

The main entrance to Gloucester Royal Hospital faces Great Western Road. To walk there turn right at the end Hyde Lane cross over the service road and follow the path which passes the Children’s Wards. The path bears left and you will see the entrance to your left.

Avoid hospital parking charges. Hotel guests can arrive early on the day of arrival and make use of the car park. Likewise cars can be left in the car park all day on day of departure.

There is a very good public bus connection between the two hospitals. From the tower block in Gloucester Royal Hospital the No 99 bus stops in the city centre then travels to Cheltenham General hospital and Cheltenham town centre. The No 99 bus is a direct link (30min) between the hospitals therefore the journey time is short even compared to the very good Gloucester to Cheltenham No 94 Gold bus service. The 99 leaves every 30 mins (6.30am-7pm Mon-Fri) whereas the No 94 leaves every 10 mins.

Visiting times at both hospitals for general medical and surgical wards are currently 9am-9pm every day. Check for updates.