Gloucester Docks Today

Picturesque, so picturesque that the Docks are often used as backdrops for films and TV. The most recent of these being Wolfhouse, and Jonny Depp’s Alice through the looking glass, less so the Onedin Line.

Gloucester Docks are easily accessed from the city centre, from the end of shops in Southgate St. There is a ramp beside the steps that lead down to Dock level.

If you have driven then use the main car park overlooks Victoria Basin or the multi storey car park at the Quays.

It is possible and highly recommended to walk all the way around the Docks. From the bottom of the Southgate steps to the right is the North end.

The first basin in front of you is the Victoria Basin formerly the Salt Basin. Today this is used as a marina. At the North end stands the Soldiers of Gloucester Museum.

Walk past the museum and straight on towards the Main Basin. The North Warehouse is to your right, the Lock Warehouse is across the lock gate.

To the right is the river and the site of the Old Quay, where it all started.

Walk along the West Quay beside the new inkeeping development, and a café, this leads to the dry docks and more warehouse buildings including an old oast house.

There are often tall ships and steamers docked along this section.

Continue forward towards the bridge.

Here you can cross towards the Quays. Over LLanthony bridge to the left is the South Quay with Waterways museum standing proud. The building to the left of the Waterways museum is Gloucester Brewery which offers tasting and tours. This was built on the site of a warehouse destroyed by fire.

To the right of the bridge looking down the canal is Bakers Quay. Here is often a light house ship moored here, one of only two remaining.

The beautiful pillared warehouses are soon to be developed. (Pillared too provide temporary shelter for goods being unloaded).

The Barge Arm section of the docks often has a concrete barge and Dredger moored.

Beside the Barge Arm is a selection of cafes a great place to sit outside. There is often a narrow boat café moored here. There are more cafes near the Mariners Church as well as in the Quays.

The circular route is completed as you continue forward past the Mariners church into the Victoria Basin.