Gloucester Rugby

Location is one of our strengths as the saying goes ‘if you got it then flaunt it’.

Find Kingsholm Stadium from the Edward Hotel

The Edward Hotel sits on the edge of Kingsholm, perfectly positioned, a ten minute walk to the city centre and under ten minutes to the home of great rugby a great stadium and great support.

Turn left out of the front door; turn right after 300m into Alvin Street along which you will spot the Kingsholm floodlights. At the end of Alvin Street turn right and there it is the stadium of Gloucester Rugby Club where the hopes of away teams have been dashed since 1891.

Getting to your seat or patch at Kingsholm

The turnstiles you come to beside the Cherry and White’s shop are good for the Mira Showers Stand blocks (A – N) and for the JS Stand. This is Entrance 2. You can still use these turnstiles to get to the Shed and to the other blocks of the Mira Stand. If you are in the JS stand and the forecast is sunny then take some sunglasses!!

Before the first group of turnstiles is the club car park. Walk through this car park passing the ticket office to the far end where Entrance 3 will let you in to the Stowford Press Stand, West Terrace (the Tump) and to the Mira Stand Blocks M-X.

Entrance 1 is beyond the first group of turnstiles and gives you access to The Shed, and to the JS Stand. At sell out matches the Shed will be tightly packed – especially great when it is cold. To get a good spot you will need to get in early.

If you are a Bath supporter keep walking for about 4 miles where you can find a big river to jump in. Only joking – there are some steps!!

Expect some banter and give as much as you get in the spirit of the one sport Rugby.

Food and drink inside and outside Kingsholm Stadium.

On London Road there are three fast food shops opposite a Tesco Express

There are food outlets inside the ground between entrances 1 and 2 behind the JS Stand and immediately outside the ground will be a sausage stall and fish and chip shop.

The York and England’s Glory are just 30m from The Edward Hotel. Outside the ground are three pubs all of which will be packed with supporters before and after the match.

Teague’s Bar, The Queen’s Head and close to The Shed entrance is The Kingsholm Inn (once The Jockey and still The Jockey in the eyes of many). Slightly further away but well worth a mention are The Pelican and Dean’s Walk Inn.
Inside the ground the main bar servicing the Mira Stand is The Shogun Bar and the Lion’s Den services the Shed.

Contact Gloucester Rugby FC

Telephone; 0871 871 8781