Gloucester Civil War

Some photos


6 Devereaux passing Cromwell

Flag bearer of the Devereux Regiment considerately flies the flag low enough to allow a view of Oliver Cromwell. Apparently the paddleboat was originally due to be named The Duke of Gloucester but permission to use the royal name was refused, presumably by the royal office rather than her by her Majesty, and so the owners decided, with a wry sense of humour, to call the vessel Oliver Cromwell.




5 muster at Llanthony

Llanthony Priory, the accommodation and stabling almost as it would have been – other than the fact that about a third of the building you see is missing – and the courtyard the guys are standing in – and we would have to assume this was a scene after the siege since the priory was a Royalist camp! There were camps around the whole of Gloucester including one just up from the Edward Hotel at the chapel of St Margaret’s. Charles and his sons were camped a little further out at Matson House.

4 Cavalry at Cathedral

Cavalry at  Gloucester Cathedral

3 cavalry pass St Mary's

Cavalry pass St Mary de Crypt. This could well have been a scene from the Siege of Gloucester – except maybe the streets are a tad too tidy! During the mid C17th the cleanliness of the street were recognised as detrimental to health. During the siege many troops were struck by illness which was in art blamed on the state of the streets.


2 cavalry and Nerva

Two eras in one. The cavalry of the Civil War pass the mounted statue of Emperor Nerva. Nerva did not establish the garrison or the city. He went one better and granted Gloucester special status, Colonia. There were just four Colonia in Roman Britain and the citizens of each were granted the same rights as those in Rome. Other monarchs singled Gloucester out for special status such as Richard 11.  If Nerva was following health and safety regulations he would have been wearing a helmet and we would have been able to see the similarities between the Roman and Civil war helmets.



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